Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Storms they are a coming. After a mostly man-made winter so far, we're starting to get some snow fall. Stoney pow days lay ahead. But they'll have to wait a couple days cuz I'm heading down to Salt lake City for Outdoor Retailer tomorrow after a morning sesh. Sounds like it could be a little sketchy in the Southern Idaho/Northern Utah zone, hope they don't close that road. Gotta get to the Salt Palace and find a jobby job to bring me back to fucking California.


  1. You can stay on my hide-a-bed couch. Will you go to SB? I will go to Ventura soon. Will you teach me to surf, ala Point Break?

    a man

  2. Shit man, we'll surf for sure. 2 unemployed dudes living on hide-a-beds will have nothing to do but surf. Will you teach me how to grow a proper beard?

  3. I feel stupid with a beard. No more.