Monday, April 2, 2012

Carpe diem

In 1998 I received a Zimmer Epoch artificial left hip. That was flat out, a terrible few months of recovery that was miserable, painful, and just plain shitty. Then, a couple months back I was planning a trip and thinking about my future bucket list or surf and shred trips. It got me to thinking I had an added sense of urgency because at some point I'll need a revision of my fake hip...hopefully after at least 20 years. So I have plenty of time to pack it all in. I said something along the lines of "I'm always on the road, in a hurry to cram in all my life adventures, live it up and do everything I can before I'm unable".

Last friday I went to the doc for a checkup on my hip. I've been in mellow pain for a few months, but I always just power through it, hit the weightroom, and stretch the fuck out of it to loosen it up and strengthen things. This was different, though. I had weird popping. I noticed I was walking weird and my left left was at least an inch shorter. It felt like my hip socket had shifted up a couple inches. Plus it was time to quit ignoring warning signs after the 10,000th person says, "dude, are you limping?". No I'm not limping, fuckface. Dr Judd says otherwise. My socket has worn out and there's at least and inch gap inside there. (Hahah, I said "inch gap") My piece of shit body has decided to crap out on me before I could make it to 42. After only 14 years with my Zimmer, I need a big ol surgery to redo my fake hip. It shoulda lasted 20 years. Needless to say, this here is a bit of a gamechanger. I can't keep having so many fucking injuries that require an orthopod to fix. I just can't keep recovering. I have to rethink my priorities.

In 2 weeks, I'm still going to Sumatra for a few weeks and gonna surf my face off. Then I race back to the operating table on May 29. The rest of Spring and Early summer will be shitty. some'll get better. And eventually, I'll be cracking out some kicks like "Superfoot" Wallace.


  1. Wow. I'm speechless and feeling your pain. Okay, I'm not feeling your pain really, but I'm feeling your pain. Stay in touch. I want to help you through your recovery just like you helped me through mine. Surf your face and hip off in Sumatra, baby!

  2. Just heard a thing on NPR about bad hip replacements and on some models the metal was degrading and destroying surrounding muscle tissue. The replacements never bonded to the bone and baseically were useless. Additionally they cited a woman who called her doctor to make sure hers was not a recall, they said no but upon further investigation it was a recall model.

    Just thought this might help you drill down to the truth if you are getting the run around.

    go to NPR.Org and search Hip for the story.

  3. This bloggpoast is pretty bumming holmes. At least they only get better at this crazy shit.

  4. Sista...It'll work out. Might have to get a mat and some flippers.

    Thanks Anon. The metal is solid. In fact, that's the only good femur prosthesis and my socket are solidly bolted in...for now. My socket's plastic liner is shot and my acetabulum is deteriorating. I'm also getting a new hip ball.

    A-Man...I'll see you in Ventura. I can sit on the beach this summer and protect your shit while you surf. Whoopie!!!