Wednesday, April 11, 2012

stoke level on the rise

Here's basically what I'm packing for 5 weeks of tropical surf. 3 boards shorts (always a dry one somewhere), 2 tees(might cut back to 1), 2 tanks, 2 long sleeve shirts (anti mosquito), rashguard, 2 shorts, 2 undies (not needed most of the time), camera gear, passport, pen and paper for recording life, 3-4 long winded books to read, Indonesian phrase book, $15.7 million Rupiah, crappy notebook computer to connect to The Grid once in a while, Starbucks Via (just in case), first aid kit, Malaria pills, iPod and speakers, chargers and random wires for electronics along with an Indo adapter, sunglasses, and a tie-down strap. I'm traveling somewhat light, but will still be comfortable once I get there. Still need to pick up the last few things in California. Not included but waiting for me in Santa Barbara is wax, reef booties, a 5'11" Rusty Dwart, and a Lovelace Throughull.

1 comment:

  1. do you have a wheelbarrow for when your leg falls off, or are you planning on buying one there?