Friday, May 4, 2012

El Hefe Pastranastein

After my fat ass went Mach 3 across the janky old rusty bridge and the slats fell out into the river, we almost lost the Portuguese guy down a hole in the middle of the bridge so Tom had to rebuild the shit. I had to use some EXTREME mountain biking skills and throttled it as much as my busted up Yamaha could go to get some pop over about a yard of empty void. Good times.


  1. Some of the best roadside surgery I've seen to date... I dig seeing the kids swimming in the left side of the frame, unconcerned with you yahoo's crossin' the bridge. You're all AF w/ the tunes/sounds too. Bringing smiles through the interwebs, nice work as always El Jeffe. Kickin oneself for not being "there". Respect. Thnx for sharin'. Break a hip, you're a rock star.

  2. surely those are crocs and not kids
    these dummies are still smiling too!
    I like it.