Monday, May 28, 2012

so you're saying there's a chance

Whenever I finally make it back to Santa Barbara, I've gotta find a place to live. Roommates make it tough to hide out and recluse my downtime. For many years now, I've really wanted to live in an Airstream, Spartan, or Silver Streak Trailer parked on a ranch or large property. You know, blend in with nature more. They've all got clean, solid lines and aren't some sort of disposable vinyl shitbox. I've thought about this alot and wasted tons of on-the-clock hours checking out motorhome and boating website. Under the outstretched awning I would build a little deck for a BBQ and chairs/couch for chillin. I'd either plug the stabbin cabin into a power outlet or use some solar panels for powering up the juicer, stereo, DVD player, and lights. For pooping I could build a composting shitter or buy/rent a porta potty like we used to use at Morty's property in Westport, WA. For staying connected to the internets, I'm sure there's some way to zap off the cell towers and one of my nerdier friends could help with that. If I ran out of storage space, I could stop by Home Dildo or Costco and grab a prefab shed. The last issue would be water and showering. A tankless, heated outdoor shower would be alltime. I haven't completely figured out how to feed it without a hose hookup, but I'm sure there's a way. Since I don't own a tow rig, another option is get some kind of styly motorhome and just drive up and live. Can you smell the patchoulli?

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