Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recovery time

I feel nothing. Nothing. Whoever invented the spinal tap method of pain control, I could kiss you right now. I'm laying in my hospital nd all is well as could be hoped for. I don't fell any pain thanks to the spinal tap and a morphine injection in my spine. I can't even feel the catheter. The nearly 5 hour procedure went well except it was more broken than expected. So the doc called an audible which will set me back an extra month on the recovery. But I'm stoked he did this. It's one less thing to deal with down the road. He took out my old socket and wedged some bone grafts in my Swiss cheese pelvis. Then he lined that thing with some space plastic that shouldn't wear out as fast. And finally he gave me a new ceramic ball. A ceramic hip ball. I'll be posting up at St Luke's Wood River Valley for 2 or 3 days, then it's back hone for 6 weeks of crutches and mind numbing boredom.


  1. You always seem to have a good attitude.That's one of the reasons I like reading.Here's thinking good thoughts for you bro.
    Take care.


    wait, no, sorry.


    I got some boredom-killing suggestions when you need them.