Monday, November 19, 2012

Old Man Winter

Took the trailer into the Sierras and got a little creepy, too creepy. I didn't really do much except drink coffee, space out, read "Confessions of and Eco Warrior", and listen to the Ducks fail in Stanford on the radio. I also spent entirely too much time just driving around checking out the South Lake Tahoe area. I sat in the car pulling a fiberglass trailer through snow and rain way too much. Kind of a wasted weekend, but it's alright. Cleared the brain a little. Storms are stacking up out there and we're about to get pummeled. My winter program is just getting started. The camper is ready and my wrecked body is starting to work like it's supposed to. My hip is flexing, I can almost do a squat AND stand up from it, and I can hoist up my leg and get my knee above my hip. On top of all this great news, I have no friends in my new town, so nobody will get in my way of weekends in Santa Cruz or Lake Tahoe without taking a shower or changing my shorts. I tried to grow a Grizzly Adams so I could realty play the part of Unibombing loner derelict, but I gave up after 2 itchy weeks.

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