Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trailer life is the good life

Today I dropped of my Boler at the RV repair shop to have a new Atwood 8012 furnace installed. 12,000 BTU's of shear power will keep it nice and toasty when I'm camped out in the corner of Kirkwood or Heavenly's parking lot this winter. I'm also in the middle of dropping in a new stereo. Electrical shit ain't my bag, but I'm working my way through it. 35 year old wires and vintage tapedecks are getting replaced with an iPod ready setup. Holes are cut. And when I get the rig back it's the last thing to accomplish during remodel phase #1.


  1. your awning is still sitting in my garage... lagging on shipment, gotta find a "right sized bodx"

  2. Weed is legal, homos can get married, chicks are taking over politics, and we got a black dude as President. Shit is getting good, man!

    No worries on the awning. It'll get here I'm sure. Maybe you should bring it down and shred some Tahoe narr. Bring A-Man. We'll all smoke weeeeed, man. WEED.

  3. a man only eats cookies, intnsly... takes notes.

    I like me some Tahoe--good mammories of B Fam reunions at Meeks Bay.

    Gonna be down to drink wine on Christ's Bday and eat some latkes with the Jews, maybe we can link it up then.