Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2-3 at best

Last friday I sat around scratching my head trying to figure out something, anything to do on my Sunday/Monday off. Absolutely none of it involved hanging around Reno. So I set my headscratcher down on the coffee table and loaded up my rig for the long haul to Santa Cruz after work on saturday. Without dragging my trailer over Donner Summit, I can drive fast and take lots of chances which makes the 5 hour drive more like 4 hours. The score of the day was a nice little parking space in a wooded neighborhood under a droopy tree that partially concealed my sleeping arrangements. It's amazing I found the spot and none of the other 73,847 epicly smelly Santa Cruz weirdos found it first. The surf was nothing incredible at all. But for a landlocked crippled dude with limited skills it was all-time.

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