Monday, December 3, 2012

product test

Subject: Old and broken
Location: Mt Rose
Time: 9-11:30
Temp: 30 degrees
Weather: Sunny and breezy
New Snow: Middle of the boots to shin high
Product: Zimmer Titanium Hip and Ceramic Socket Combo

Day #1 of the 12/13 shred season is under my belt, and as JayRad Gallapagos would say..."not bad, pretty good". My new torsion beam suspension seems like it will be able to shred. I'm not yet able to crank down my buckles and immediately stand up straight, it takes a little finesse and grunting. But it's good for it. I need to break up some scar tissue and bust outta my hip's comfort zone. There was many cringes and a lot of awkward straight-leg action. It was a solo mission because I had no idea what to expect and didn't want to ruin somebody's day with my gimpyness. So there was also miles of smiles to myself realizing I'm almost back. This mini-pow day was just what the head needed cuz I was seriously about to lose it yesterday. We're back on track starting today.

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