Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday August 4th

Sweet baby Jesus, please give me the strength to not quit my job this week and hit the road in early September. It's a big world out there with so much to experience and do, but I should remain here, in my cube, waiting, just waiting, like veal. And for Christ's Sake, I should not be camping along Trail Creek, biking over Heidelberg Hill to Adams Gulch to Chocholate gulch, and fishing the Big Lost with friends in Idaho before hopping a plane to South America for a month or two even though I can use my miles and the whole trip would be really cheap. There is no reason I should bounce around jobless at 43 living out of my 13foot trailer living my dream when I get back. Just stay the course, steady as she goes. Keep loading up the 401K and fixing the body with the health insurance. Live for the 2 Days off each week and occasional Paid Holidays. Stop dreaming please.


  1. "Work?!" Maynard G. Krebs

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  3. You should get a wife and 3 kids. That'll help stop your dreamin'.
    (Shit - did I just write that?)