Friday, August 9, 2013

Walker River

My camper needed a few minor adjustments after test camp #1. The door handle nearly fell off last time due to all the rattling and a few other screws got the Loctite treatment. Then it was off for test spin #2 the last couple days. Since there was no surf in the forecast, I set sail south, down the 395, along the Eastern Sierras with no real schedule. My only plan was to drive till I was bored and/or felt the need to stop. Only a couple hours and it was time. That first night was spent along the West Walker River breathing fresh air and reading next to the fire. I like fire. Fire good. Fishing along the river the next morning I landed a few mini fish, but the water level was very low and the going was slow. So I packed up my shit and moved down the road to the East Walker River where all the big fish live. I wasn't fishing at the best time of day, but there was a big ol thunderstorm heading my way and it was now or never. The river has some really hard access points, it always seemed like I wanted to be on the other side, but no way to get there. The first hole I picked was just impossible to reach, too deep, too fast, and too many bushes everywhere. Could've used a machette. So I drove back and dropped in on another hole that was even deeper, way slower, and fish were rising all around. This is where all the big old rainbows and browns lived. And they were safe with me around. Because, although a couple of the littler guys went after the flyies I was chucking at them, they never jumped on my hook. But it was definitely a gorgeous stretch of water that I'll hit up the next time. With the storm approaching it was time get out o there. I cleaned of the grit and grime with some some hot springs near my campground. There really is a lot of weirdos at every hot springs. The night ended with ZzzQuil, a fire, and more reading. I'm very boring. Today was a little more hot springing and fishing. For tomorrow I head back to the desk.

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