Friday, September 13, 2013

Goods times

I've know these dudes for a combined 70 years. Jimmy and I went to the same catholic grade school in Portland where Father Goodrich and his gross hairy knuckles drilled Jesus into us and bored us with the Stations of the Cross for months at a time. Growler and I fought alongside the KSA against the evil Sun Valley overlords during the 90's to finally build a halfpipe, all the while draining the Casino nightly of it's booze. Nothing better than blacking out 6 nights-a-week during your 20's. And Benji, well Benji continues to make incredible life choices that make me seem like a frickin jeenyus.


  1. We all need more Benji's, Griffs, O-Tools and Tonto's in our lifes to make us look less retarded.

  2. Tonto rules! Last week he was 2 More Tonto.