Thursday, September 19, 2013


The Tour Of Fail spent 1 day in shitty Lewiston Idaho being the good son. We caught up on things and watched 12 hours of Sunday football. The next day, I traveled moved west 7 hours to Seattle for 1 night of Bybee and Tonto time. For the first time in my life, I knew when to say "when". I woke up without a hangover then boarded the Ferry to Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Peninsula. It's awesome being back in the rainy old Pacific Northwest after being away for 10 years. The campsite is mossy and rad. Just like I remember. Down the road, I pulled up to a nice little, cobblestone rivermouth and I spotted a Bald Eagle cruizing overhead with some food shoved in it's face. I waited around and the surf turned on a tad bit, so I surfed small waves yesterday wearing my heaviest westuit, thick gloves, and booties. Should be a decent swell arriving tomorrow, hopefully before I need to hit the road south at noon.


  1. Okay then. Stay bloggin. Not hurt at all.

  2. srsly. heading back to Reno already?

  3. Seattle time was too short, basically in town for 15 hours. Just had time for a couple beers with One More Tonto and Bybee and met up with a good friend before her bone marrow surgery next time A-Man. By the way, no CAP LOCK? No more Reno forever Lito. On to bigger better confusion.