Monday, December 22, 2008

It's pukin in Portland

This winter was starting off real slow for my bros in the Great Northwest. They were pissin and moanin a couple weeks ago. There were no resorts open and shreddars were jonzin. What a difference a little snowy weather makes. Portland and Seattle are snowed in with the Blizzard of Christmas 2008. The airports are closed, busses are sliding onto I-5, and Tonto wrecked his Audi. The mountains are getting pummeled. Dudes are claiming "Best Opening Day ever". There's no let up in sight. I wish I was up there shreddin Queen Anne, Vermont Street, or Gabriel Park. Back in the winter of 86, during a couple snowdays, I was slayin it in SW Portland with my buds Bryan Finke and Jon Olson. We found a little hill and build a mega-booter. Finke had gotten a Burton Performer the year earlier and I had just picked up a black Sims 1400FE Pro. The first year that snowboards had metal edges instead of those stupid skegs. Tom Triek from The Oregonian must have strolled past and been overpowered by our awesomeness. He snapped some pics for all to behold on the front page. I think I'm rockin my army surplus lether mitts, Burton beanie, jeans, and jacket with lift ticket still firmly attached. Momma Recluse dated the pic as 2/14/86.

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