Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's the saturday before Christmas and Santa Barbara has no waves.  Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck!!!  So it's on to plan B....a day spent buying crap, fixing shit, cleaning things, and going to the gym a couple times.  During the ridiculously slow start to the season, I've gotten all of my miscellaneous stuff done.  I'm digging deep to find random projects to kill time.  While I was cruizing past the Funk Zone, I saw Point Concept Ryan's SuperVolvo was parked outside his shaping bay.  So there was a good chance he was stumbling around covered in fiberglass and huffing resin.  I wanted to ask when my new board is getting started so I can take some pics.  Plus I was cracked out on coffee before kickboxing, so I swung around to take a peek.  Santa Barbara Seals guy JP was out front with a bunch of kids and power tools.  What the hell?  They were busy slicing up some pine boards making Alaia wooden planks for shreddin.  It was pretty cool.  I'd like to take one for a spin if I ever get sick of surfing on boards with fns.  Ryan walked over with some kind of exotic cork or balsa railed 6'5" that was getting glassed.  It would be fun to get some waves to ride that thing.  Man, I remember when we had waves.  It was an awesome time back then.  I remember spending the day at the beach...then eating...then immediately getting my sloth on.  Maybe soon it'll start pumping just like the Northwest that's getting pummeled with snow right now.  Fuck you surf.  Fuck you.             

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