Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nice hooch

Not a lot of surfing on my nearly 2 week winter vacation. But that's okay cuz I've been getting a lot of projects done. I'm putting myself through my own version of a training camp. Lifting lots massive weights, kickboxing the shit out of inanimate objects, sweating, and stretching the hammys. Found some parts for the Super Van at the junkyard yesterday, then washed and waxed it today. Right after that I drove down to the Quinn's wine locker at Renegade Wines to do a little inventory for them. It's part of my side gig. They downsized to a 9500 square foot home and have enough wine to fill 20,000 square feet. One bottle is super incredi and worth something like 30K. Damm! I'd sell that thing and either move to Bali for 4 years of feral surfing or buy a bunch of hookers and blow. Happy New Years Hangover everybody.

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