Wednesday, December 1, 2010


River Run Side

Warm Springs Side

Lovin the commute each day. Less than 1 mile to shred and 1 block to work. My world has shrunk to a 1 mile radius and is completely walkable. It takes more time to warm up the car each day than it does to actually drive my lazy ass to the base. I got to the bottom today and ran into my bro, Billy Olson. If you ever feel the need to drink beer, eat gigantic burgers, and enjoy bicycles as art hanging on walls and in tables, then you should stop by his place, Powerhouse, in Hailey, Idaho. I spent the better part of the day ridin with dude and rediscovering some tree runs and shit. Plus, with the birth of the new gondola, there's a few new runs. It's now 2 pm. I'm gonna pile my sack of shit body into the bed and take a long nap before work.

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