Tuesday, December 7, 2010

soo bahk do, no?

2010 is the fucking raddest year ever! I'm letting the ADD/ADHD run my life. My shit's been all over the map. Carpe diem. I'm not fighting it, I prostrate myself. I'm just along for the ride. This Nuevo Hefe is getting his shit centered and aligned and not sweating the details. Moving to a new town equals joining a new martial arts gym. So far so good. Haven't had my face crushed by little old ladies just yet.


  1. One word...treadmill. What about double wrapping your Wampa and shredding zee gnar? Like NFL linemen with their big club hands. During Xmas in '01, I broke my collarbone at Scummit Worst and was able to finish out the season after a couple weeks off snow. Still had my collarbone poking up in midair. Just a thought, fatso.

  2. Treadmills are for total idiots.

    I've actually been skipping rope, and am close to the 170s already (combined with some diet changes--I wasn't prepared to get good news from the doc). Snowboarding's not really exercise, comeonsrsly. I'm headed down south in a couple weeks until the new year, so I'll be doing power workouts with those people in the divided road medians in Santa Monica. By the time there's enough snow to rip, I'll be within the weight requirements of my snowboard, and I'll be able to ride a couple hours before collapsing.

    I don't really give a shit about snowboarding right now, all I want to do is ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike...

    You da ho.