Friday, December 10, 2010

mountain rides

Getting to the pow requires awesome fucking vehicles. Two of my all-time favs appeared before me today. The first was the AMC Eagle, the 1980's version of the 4-wheel drive station wagon. AKA...The Birth Control. You will not get any relatively hot female to set foot inside, but who the fuck cares. These things were so futuristic only computer programmers understood their radness. Then the next was the big yellow 4-wheel drive van. God created vans in his own image. You just cannot beat the incredibleness of a mobile butt-hut with 4-wheel drive capabilities to get deeeeep into the backcountry to dispose of the evidence.


  1. 80's version of the 4WD station wagon?...everything now is a 2000's version of the AMC Eagle. badass...

  2. AMC Eagle favorite game show prize of my youth. (Favorite game show: Tic Tac Dough. MothaFUCK the dragon!)

    And that van, obviously, is amazing.

    Excellent poast.

  3. Had the SX4 for two seasons in the Boat and Bird. It was nothing short of a pile of cow flop. Electrical issues out the ass. 23 yrs old and no cash. It got left behind.