Monday, September 24, 2012

Altered States

Today I finally hopped inside an isolation tank for the very first time and got weird. It only took me something like 25 years to get around to doing it. Somewhere back during the 1980's, I watched a movie named Altered States which was about some scientist who spends time in an isolation tank. The movie was shitty, but it helped spark my interest in getting outside my head. Drugs are what I used for a long time to accomplish this, but eventually I realized Dead Shows weren't the answer. Jumping in the tank today reminded alot of the best, most successful mediation sessions I've experienced. But it was no balls-to-the-wall hyperspaced DMT trip. What seemed like 10 minutes of floating through a dream ended up being over an hour. I came out pretty chill and relaxed. And since I had already driven an hour south to Stateline, Nevada, I decided to make the leisurely clockwise loop around Lake Tahoe on my way home. Prety cool experience and I'll need to float around more to form an opinion as strong as Joe Rogan.


  1. weird stuff. atta Man DR!

  2. fully joe rogan shit
    I have two friends that said they'd get iso and shit and I'm all ready (yet scared) to do it and then one dude is like "I already did it, it's rad."
    So I will have to do it soon.

  3. Once you go iso you never go back.