Monday, September 10, 2012


A couple days ago I spotted a gorgeous smelly hippy cosmic cruiser outside a casino, which sparked my interest to check out some local culture. I seem to have a lot of downtime still due to my Curious Case Of Jeff Wirtanen body. Today I cruised down to the Nevada Museum of Art, but it was closed. No biggie, I'll check out some vintage rigs at the National Automobile Museum which was just a few blocks away. Damm they got some cool old rides inside there. Lots of aero, chrome, horsepower, radical ideas, and silky smooth lines. The building was filled with rare old cars and old people. I fit right in. Worth the $10. Last bus out of Burning Man
1938 Phantom Cruiser
Krit with American Indian Swastika symbol (bad timing)
Early Brown Recluse prototype
Orange Spaced Age
Fiat...Fix It Again Tony
Dymaxion, I even love the name


  1. Dymaxion is my main man Bucky Fuller's car, and it's rad. The two front wheels drive it, while the single back one pivots to turn. Inspired by fish. Debuted it at a horse track: so smoov, serving tea at 80mph.

    dude was awesome.

  2. The Minster knows how to create cool shit. You'll need to come down to Reno if you ever want to see the Dymaxion. One known one in existence. Party on that.