Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reno redux

Reno is quite possibly the most underrated city I have ever seen. Seriously. It just needs to scrub and clean up their hookers, move on past the 1980's, and hire a better PR firm. This place is fucking rad. There's all kinds of dive bars and bike trails. The trendy food thing here seems to be All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi. But there's also all kinds of cheap good eats. Jim Gaffigan is here tomorrow. The weather is unbeatable. It's a dry heat every day. Come fall it gets cooler and I'll be able to ride my bike nearly year round. Just over the hill is Lake Tahoe and it's EXTREME! I plan on breaking at least one of my body parts at Kirkwood, Squaw, or Hevenly this winter. There's so much to do outdoors that it's ridiculous. And to top everything off, my new jobby job is awesome. I'm finally working alongside My People. Chicks and dudes who don't give a fuck about anything except having fun. Work hard, party, and be a dork while sitting at your desk, then rush outside and be a dork in nature. Count me in. I drank the Kool-Aid and got the company tattoo. I've been indoctrinated and shaved my head. I often chant...."THIS IS MY FALL 2012 WORKBOOK, THERE ARE MANY FALL 2012 WORKBOOKS LIKE IT, BUT THIS ONE IS MINE. MY FALL 2012 WORKBOOK IS MY BEST FRIEND. I MUST MASTER IT AS I MUST MASTER MY LIFE"


  1. whoa wot? Yes!

    Did you see Jim Gaffigan? Did Todd Glass feature for him?

  2. rno is like a dirty, hot girl that has herpes. your fucked... but her cousin (tahoe) is just up the road and puts out, you'll be ok.