Friday, August 31, 2012

90 days out

Today marks the 3 month anniversary of going into a Ketchum, Idaho operating room and having my left hip socket cut out and replaced with a brand new titanium and ceramic beauty. Wow, where has the time gone. It's been a really crappy recovery, but we're getting through it. The rickety old socket was attached to my pelvis, and that's where the big problem turned out to be located. My pelvis was like Swiss Cheese, except instead of having a bunch of holes, my pelvis had one gigantic hole. So Dr Judd stuffed cadaver bone all up in there and then laid the socket on top with 6 or seven screws. The thing was all gooey and unstable for a long time. You don't want boney parts gooey and unstable. So it's taken a lot more time to get that sucker all solid and pain free. It's actually still super painful, something I didn't expect and wasn't prepared to deal with. I had mentally prepped for the worst, while hoping for the best. This turned out to be way beyond my worst case scenario, and also the docs. But like I said, we're getting through it. The other thing swapped out was the ball and plastic liner between the ball and socket. That was the easy part, like an oil change that going though your thigh muscles and ligaments. As of today, I still feel like shit, have a ton of pain, and can't put my pants on without grunting. Walking is neat, as long as it's flat or downhill. Uphill climbs are a bitch since I have trouble lifting my leg. It's like a retard club foot and I don't have a ton of control over it even though I work on it daily. Sitting isn't fun unless I squirm a lot and reposition frequently. Today I can officially do anything I want, I got the OK from the doc. But over the last couple I jumped the gun and I've been using mellow weights and yoga stretching it more and more. Riding my bike feels terrible but I feel the need to keep after it. Every pedal stroke is like a knife in my hip. I don't really believe it anymore but it should pay off sooner or later. So there's the update. Everything seems to be on track for a glorious return to surfing Santa Cruz on the weekends starting in October. God willing I don't break anything between now and then.

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