Saturday, August 18, 2012

first Reno impressions

Wow. People live like this? En mass? Reno is a city in contrast. It contrasts completely to anywhere I have ever even thought of living. EVER. Please, nobody tell my parents that I'm living here. I'll end up becoming the victim of an intervention and hauled off to rehab somewhere nicer like Yakima Washington. There's the usual expected skanky whores, crappy tribal tattoos, terrible casinos, and shitty Nevada lifestyle. There's entire stores around here devoted to Burning Man so you don't have to be creative anymore and you can just consume shit. So far, the only people smiling are the baristas at Starfucks, but they're so jacked up they don't know where the fuck they're stuck. Every neighborhood seems like it needs heavy bars covering the windows and guns constantly pointed outward just to answer the door. But I've found 1 pocket of non-sketch and I'm gonna try to find a room for rent inside that area. Also on the plus side, there's a college here and they have some decent sports. So it'll be fun to attend some events that I could really care less about. There's also a nice little river walk along the Truckee River in between the giant casinos. Might be fun but I'll not be happy when I get mugged. Reno seems pro-bicycle. There's lots of other fags in spandex littering the roads and they have lots of paint on the road designating where I'll most likely get run over and killed. Truckee is just up the hill and only a half hour away. Lots of white people with dreads up there. Cute sporty chicks, too. I sat at the DMV in Truckee for about 4 hours yesterday and wandered the neighborhood. It seems like a decent area for adventure so I'd assume I'll use it as home base for exploring Tahoe. I'm sure I've forgotten something that's really shitty about Reno, but I've got plenty of time to complain over the next several months or years.


  1. Dude. Did I miss something? What the FUCK is going on?

  2. Reno and it's surrounds have really good family style Basque restaurants - very old school - go in, sit at a table with a bunch of people you don't know - all you can eat (usually) with bread and table wine. Specials typically center around lamb and their innards. There is one across the street from the refurbished train station downtown I think, one also in Carson City.

    Also the Patagonia service center has crazy sales, returns, etc..

    There are nuggets of good between the new and old strip malls.

  3. Yes....Patagonia. Try the Kool-Aid. You'll like it. It tastes so sweet when it hits your tongue.

  4. It's your prison. Just trying to teach you how to make joint juice from the Kool-aid in the toilet.

    I'll buy $5 Patagonia pants anytime, hells, I'll buy $5 Jordache pants while I'm at it.