Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yipee Truckee

It's getting pretty ridiculous moving every few years. My CHANGE OF ADDRESS forms are stacking up and I have to rack my brain every time I fill out "mailing address" vs "shipping address" vs "billing address". But the really cool thing is exploring new areas and shit. Around here there is literally a limitless shitload of stuff to explore There is everything outdoors within an hour of here. I'm already extremely aware that Reno blows, but just west of town the world changes. My current Recluse World Headquarters is in Verdi, which is still inside Nevada barely, and it's the beginning of everything wonderful. Today I woke up early around 11 am and headed west to Truckee for a mellow spin around Donner Lake up Donner Pass Road along Donner Pass Road towards Donner Summit. What a fucking gorgeous, classic, postcard perfect road bike ride. Of course I turned around about 50 feet up the big climb and stuck to the flats. The new joint is feeling way better, but why crack a real sweat this summer. I'm looking to take it slow then taper off a bit. The weather was hot and perfect, and I poked around town afterwards. Then I went for a long walk on the beach...down along the Truckee River. More like a short stroll while high on some remaining percocets. Already love that river. It's perfect for everything from white-trash booze cruizing to world-class flyfishing. As the day draws to a close, and before I get ready to hunker down to The Artist in my tiny home, I sit here in the RV park's welcoming center finishing up some internetting and watching Joe Dirt. For tomorrow I begin chapter 3,753 in my autobiography. I'm already stressing about what to wear.

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