Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mid Summer Training Camp

I live a relatively simple life. I don't require very much to lead a happy life. Just a bit of sports and the occasional rubbing up against a female. As the cliche's all about wanting what you have. Now that I can walk without a major limp, swim laps, ride bikes, and hike I am truly living the dream. To top it all off I moved out of my noisy fucking apartment and I'm camping in a free site along a little creek for a few weeks. It's 9 minutes stoplight free to the center of town and the Starbucks. The day usually starts leisurely around 9am. Why get up any earlier. I slowly lay in bed and start the actual process of leaving bed. I'll load the car withe all the shit I'll need for the day to limit my trip back to the camper. The first stop is Starbucks and catching up on the innerwebs. I'm That Guy nerding out in the corner. Then I'll head over to the gym for some physical therapy work. My hip replacement surgery was barely 2 months ago and we've got a lot of kinks to work out. It's painful as fuck still but it's just a grin-and-bear-it kinda thing. The more I do now the better off I'll be come surf season. After an hour plus at the gym, I'll stuff my face with some foods. Got fuel up for the afternoon double or triple. After lunch I'll try to stall for a while to let the food digest and get some energy built up. Because that's when I'll get on the bike and spin the legs. Not much power power on the left side, but it's coming back slowly but surely. It feels great to climb long mellow grades, but feels like shit to descend. All the rattling and out of the saddle crap ain't good. Just trying to stay upright and keep the wheels on the downside. Nothing to prove. If I have enough energy after all this, I'll head back to the gym for a mellow 1000 yard swim to loosen up the back and arms. I'm still working out the scar tissue from 2011's shoulder surgery and it feels incredible to get a good pull in the pool. By the time 6 or 7 pm rolls around I stop by one of the restaurants and get some To-Go food and take it back to camp for sunset. I'll sit by the creek and cram more food in my piehole before settling in for a good night sleep. I seriously have a smile on my face as I lay in bed reading in silence before sleeping in silence then waking up whenever I want to silence. I love being a hermit.


  1. You sound like you're in an excellent place, both literally and figuratively, these days. Be well and keep up the good work, J.

  2. seems dreamy~keep up the good fight, DR!

    oh and... out of context, a tad creepy:

    "I'm That Guy _______ out in the corner."

    "it feels incredible to get a good pull in the pool."

    if i can pull the gps location out of the exif data of your photos, watch out... sneak attack BEEN BOMB!


  3. Watch out Byb's, don't approach the campsite unannounced. It's Idaho and I'm packin heat.