Thursday, August 16, 2012

hey bud, let's party

The Jeff Wirtanen International Cavalcade of Broken Bones & Amazing Life Choices continues to chug along at breakneck speed. Speaking of speed, it's just arrived full of hope and joy in sweaty old Reno Nevada, where METH is king. I've landed at the Gold Ranch Casino and RV Resort and I'm actually kinda fucking stoked. It's quiet, clean, and has a casino connected. I got drink credits so I'm up already. I can feel the luck. Also, there's a cement landing pad which means less dust and I get to plug the Boler in for fan use. It's hot as balls here. I've been hauling that fucking thing around and was wondering if I was just gonna throw it away at some rest stop along the way. Anyway, I'm doing laundry then gonna get a shitty steak dinner.


  1. You still got it!

  2. put a block of ice on the counter behind the fan, Boler-AC