Monday, April 15, 2013

Dirtbaggin Euro Style

Livin in a van on a beach in France sounds pretty rad.


  1. Living on the US W. Coast in a trailer seems pretty sick.

  2. Yeah Bybs, it's getting closer to being a reality. Chasing waves in the Land of Lib Tech for a few weeks before I head back to the 805 would be incredi. Might find a Boler camped in front of Olson's beach front estate come November.

    1. its all greek to me... would be hyped to buy ya a quesadilla n coke, none the less. communicate an eta, we'll shroud ya in veils, stink bombs, and jedi kind-tricks 4sure. Boler ON

  3. Madness--there's nothing in said zone's but INet Swell and tales of weird-proprietor-glory. Reality is a fickle beeoch. Roll the dice, one never kn0ws until ya checkIT....