Thursday, April 25, 2013

The new axle is here, the new axle is here!

Dang man, start the clock! T minus 4.5 days until I fly away to Euroland and the fucking axle just got here 2 weeks late. Time to squeeze in a couple weeks worth of work on the trailer into the next few days. I need to get the camper dropped and bolted down to the frame before I leave. Otherwise I risk the camper blowing into the neighbor's yard in Reno's persistent wind. It's windy as fuck here. I've been super lucky so far, there hasn't been much wind while I've had the frame off. But I'm living on the edge of disaster. The shell only weighs about 300 lbs, which ain't much for one of our very common 50mph gusts. I don't really feel safe being out of the country and my rig being tied down by surfboard straps and hope. By this time tomorrow night I'll be covered in metal shavings, a couple superficial burns, some medium-deep cuts, Por15 paint, resin & a little fiberglass, acetone, and a few minor flesh wounds. My next update should be truly bitchin.