Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today we weld, for tomorrow I fiberglass

I don't have bad days, but yesterday really sucked a big fat one. My work shit was way too ridiculous and I was like a mindless robot serving vampires of consumerism. Sometimes Americans, who have everything to be thankful for, really get me down. And that was definitely yesterday. Nothing a little gym time and powertools can't solve. I came home last night and got to installing taillights, side markers, water vents, and drains. And then today, Dave and I got to beefing up the frame by adding a cross beam then replacing the weak ass bumper with a burly C-Beam. All it took was a little grinding, measuring, regrinding, remeasuring, hammering, clamping, and welding. Since I have zero welding skills, Dave did the arc welding honors and crushed it. No runs, no drips, no errors. I nearly took my right thumb off with the grinder. Tomorrow or thursday I'll reinforce the right rear underside of the camper with a layer or 2 of fiberglass cloth and resin. That is the final step before it's ready to be reunited with the frame. Still waitin on the axle. If it ever gets here, we'll swap that out and weld in 1 more crossmember so we can really get the Boler rockin down some gravel roads deep into nature.

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