Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was checkin out my usual blogs and websites today trying to find something keep my mind off surfing or porn for a couple minutes. I ran across a post about Burnside, which got me to thinking about my days growing up in Porkland during the 80's. I made party alot, so I don't really remember much of the late 80's-late 90's. During the haze, there was a group of my friends that I kinda lost track of for a few years during the early 90's. Some got in trouble with serious drugs and lost teeth, and some went of to jail for all kinds of shit. Some, like Kent Dahlgren cleaned their shit up and just wanted to skate. By 92 I was more into snowboarding and moved to shred Idaho's gnar. Kent and his ragtag team of masons, bricklayers, and concrete workers were busy building a skatepark by hand...under a bridge....in Portland's cold and shitty rain. They were just a bunch scrappy resourceful skater kids that wanted a place to skate. They didn't need no fucking city approval, stupid video games, EXPN, or even money. They didn't whine, the went about getting it done. They created a legend and in the process, got the ball rolling. It was a wake up call for cities to do the right thing. It was cool that they have some old point and shoot pics of the good ol days between '90-'93.



Kent about to get beatdown while delivering a beatdown


  1. you should check out my local SB surf movie, entitled burnside. ha.


  2. this is taut because the homey just sent me a mid-school pic of Burnside and now you wanna make me bloggit