Monday, February 2, 2009

Open the lungs

Opening the lungs in the Tour de France

14 Olympic Gold Medal winner

Who fucking cares what Michael Phelps does? He smokes weed and he swims faster than everybody. He even beat those Australians who honor swimming like we treat the Super Bowl. Take that you commie monkeys! Back in the day, I swam in high school....and smoked a shitton of weed. Bradbury and I would Cheech it up in the pool parking lot every single day. We'd hotbox my 72 Datsun 510 baby blue station wagon then crank out some major laps. Not sure it hurt or helped, but it made the monotany tollerable. At the big city meet my junior year we snuck out and torched it up. It was held at the MAC Club in Porkland, OR. Somehow I got lost in that massive building and came across a food court on one of the upper levels. They whipped me up the World Greatest Coffee Milkshake. I found my way back downstairs to the ground floor pool just in time for the butterfly finals. Coach was freakin and askin questions. Chill out man. Let's do this. I think I got 4th in city. Just out of place to go to state. Not great, but not bad for a dude that was racing butterfly for the first time, was stoned to bajesus, and full of coffee milkshake.

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