Monday, February 23, 2009

Idaho Street

I just moved into an new home this month and I've been going through boxes of crap that I've had stored for a while. Lots of garbage mixed in with certain treasures. Who the hell saves old innertubes and 276 towels? I came across some old pics, like the one below from June 1988. I know it's from June 88 becuase my mommy wrote that date on the back. With all the new digital pics, moms can't do that helpful shit anymore. I'm graduating from high school, probably Cheeched out of my gourde, proudly standing in front of my 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix. I'm trying to sell the White Dragon. In the background is Joe Poppler's home. He's the brother of women's surfing's Jericho Poppler. Neat. Along side me is my sister who's equally proud of me and my vehicle choices. I used it as my ski car to get up to Mount Hood Meadows one winter. I could stick snowboards in sideways and get up there really fast. That thing had a 400 cubic inch power plant so I made sure to burn rubber everywhere I went. I went through tires muy rapido and I got about 8 miles to the gallon. God bless America.

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