Monday, February 9, 2009

Sex Wax springs a leak

Never a dull moment around Sex Wax. Midgets, strippers, and clowns all day every day. It's a regular Circe De Fucking Soliel around here. Sometimes we have to move the Lambos and Bentley's out of the company car area just to put up the trapeeze platform and trampoline. Wfeeeew! At about 4:30 today we were mopping up the stripper pole and winding down another day. So JJ decides to run the forklift into the fire sprinkler. Youch! Mucho aqua started flooding the warehouse and all living things inside. The mini horses started mini-bucking. Elephants were blowing their horns running through the parking lot squishing our neighbors with their mighty hooves. The workers were swimming for their lives. Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!! It was like the Titanic in there. I barely made it out alive to tell the tale.

I stopped amid the chaos and I forgot I was shooting video...

Erick product testing a Sex Wax brand towel...

1 comment:

  1. shoulda called the girls back to the pole and made it a shower show... come on bud, get it together!