Saturday, April 4, 2009

Digi Howser

I was away for a couple days making the delivery run for work from Seal Beach to Whale's Vagina. Nothing much out of the norm happened. I don't think I even yelled at a single asshole on the road. Kinda weird. The coolest thing was checking out brand new Jed Noll Surf Shop in Gnarlsbad. It reeked of history, legendary bafoonery, and rat fucking your buddies. They're having a grand opening party right now. All the old timers are there and there's free booze. it's probably roaring at this very second, but I couldn't stick around. Great layout at the shop. In the back is the wood boards and art room. They'll switch up the art on a regular basis. The front has all the foam boards and the wall behind the desk is painted in black and white stripes. Nice touch. There's enough Dora vibes in there to make you check for your wallet on the way out. Jed's a cool cat. You should go out of your way to stop in and check it out.

I'm off to Mex in a week to use up all my vacation time. I finally picked up a water housing for the digi cam. Get ready for vids of the rare water donkey.

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