Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hold my toolbox in your hands...please

Star date 2000-2003....
I'm living in Seattle and it's raining.
I've broken another random body part.
I'm a bitter weekend warrior working in the snowshred industry.
I'm talking calls from angry snowboarders and throwin car analogies back at em..
I'm having 2+ magarita lunches daily.
I've got a cool chick.
I'm surfing cold, fickle, sharky waters and lovin it.
I'm living at Tonto's.
Tonto just hired a "date".
Gumby's invited me over to work on his house.
Johan made fun of my Phenix jacket, again.
Lonis is eating 1 apple, 1 slice o cheese, I can of tuna, & 1 cookie.
PK is manually tugging out his nose hairs mid conversation.
Kevin Bakoda is inventing shit.

Jump ahead a few years to 2009 and Kevin Bakoda is going big time, eh. He invented some tool called the Kelvin.23. Apparently, you can hold your toolbox in the palm of your hand and measure it at the same time. Dude sells the shit at Canadian Tire and Home Dildo type stores everywhere in the Great White North. Looks like bro just landed a role on some Canadian Inventor Reality Show called The Dragon's Scrotum. Good on ya, hosehead.


  1. "I've got a cool chick." Ha ha ha, who that sea hag that crawled out of the puget sound with kelp for hair that out weighed you AND tonto? Ha ha ha ha LIAR!

  2. Hah, you got me. I updated it with a pic from back in the day.