Friday, May 1, 2009

Cho Poo Poo

Fred Patacchia stopped by the office a couple days ago to interview Mr Zog for his website. It reminded me to get my team together for Fantasy Surfer. Here's what I've got so far, but I have a few days to re-adjust.

Kelly Slater...He can win anywhere any time and he's relatively cheap.
Andy Irons...Everybody will have this guy since he costs only 1.5 million.
Taylor Knox...He's old (experienced),gnarly, and on top of his game.
Tiago Pieres...Not sure why, but whenever I add him, he makes a couple rounds.
Jordy Smith...Big, strong guy who's too dumb to be scared & can muscle through shit.
CJ Hobgood...Not sure why I added him, every time I add him he sucks balls.
Fred Patacchia...Hawaiian with shitty mustache that's calm in big, powerful surf.
Jay Thompson...Only 1.5 million and a darkhorse (might trade him at last second).

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