Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fuego en la montana

A big, dangerous fire is tearing through the mountains of Santa Barbara right now. Somebody named it a stupid name...the Jesusita Fire. Dumb. It started on Cinco De Mayo, so that seems like the obvious name. Lots of homes already burned down, and more threatened. They evacuated a large chunk of the downtown's eastside. The crazy thing is that on the way to work yesterday it looked mellow and nearly out. Just some kind of mop up thing. Later that afternoon, sitting at my desk working away with the front doors wide open, it was like 80 degrees outside. Then all of a sudden, some winds whipped up and within 20 minutes it was up to 100. At about 4 I went outside and took this pic from our parking lot which is about 15 miles from the fire. Hope all is well with my friends. I've got a couple homes that I look after for the owners. I've got a great evac plan, but I've got about 9 cars to move if there's danger. If you're in SB and a bro of mine, you just might get an emergency call that pays well. The silver lining is that the surf was really fun yesterday and not many peeps in the agua. Everybody must've had more important things to worry bout.


  1. 9 cars? You may want to start now.

  2. Thanks for the joint replacement pep talk. Stay safe and take care!