Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shit Talk 100

Post numero uno hundredo, as our Mexican amigos would say. But let's dedicate this post to the Sacred Craft Consumer Expo....
-WAYYYY too many dudes and very few hot chicks
-Limited number of tight pants cuz it was in Ventura
-There was obviously a shit ton of cool boards
-Fuck loads of displacement hulls
-Ass ton of classic dudes like John Peck(see below), Bruce Jones, Malloy Bros, Yvon Chouinard, and the Fineline guy
-Learned that several hardcore thruster bros are ordering hulls which are the exact opposite
-Invented the fin sock
-Saw some very rad shitty mustaches
-Met a couple more Svrf & Destroy homos
-The corn dogs were 1/2 size so I opted for an AMP energy drink and worked off a little of my newfound energy by soundly kicking the Svrf & Destroy dudes asses
-Surfed really really really fun Rincon on the way down and back..don't tell anybody
-Stoke level elevated
-Took no pics except for the Surftech Van attending a surfboard shaper show...isn't that weird?
-I need to get rid of my Surftech longboard

Trip on this shit bro....


  1. wow dude.
    Everything is everything. That dude is BOUT_IT.


    I dont even sarf, yet glued to the screen.

    sitars are banging: always.

    that is good.

  2. lol jeff. yes. robert needs to leave.

  3. I blew it by not going. I could've brought plenty of meat, tight pants, and complimentary beards.

  4. Rincon was good on the way down with hardly anyone out. What rip stick were u ripping on?

  5. I was gettin my wiggle on riding my only longboard...A Robert August...Surftech. It was free, goddammit. Get off my back. But today I built 75% of my shaping stand. I'll be crafting a new, bad ass log real soon. And I'll also be shaping a surfboard.