Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fan Halen & Mini Kiss

I went to the raddest Halloween party a couple years ago. It was hosted by some mega rich Montecito family and attended by all kinds of late 30ish, preppy Cate school families. Everybody was in killer costumes, I was Santa Claus. There were jungle gyms built for the kids and jungle juice for the mom & dad types. They hired some off duty Universal Studios people to walk around in real costumes like Spiderman, X-Men, and Shrek. The coolest thing was the bands they booked. Mini Kiss was flown in from New York and Fan Halen sexed they're way up from LA. Mini Kiss is a bunch of midgets that paint theselves up and lip synch some Kiss tunes...and they sucked. Somewhere I have my picture with them. Fan Halen, on the other hand, was the shit! Dude lives the David Lee life and the band rips. They even brought up some groupies to spice it up. It was like our own private Van Halen show in the hills of Montecito. A bunch of very white people gettin crazy.

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  1. Those dudes ain't got shit on the Atomic Punks.