Monday, May 4, 2009

Bimmerfest 2009

Jon Shafer is a great guy and buddy of mine who runs a few webpages. One is a page devoted to Rincon. Another is Bimmerfest. I think it's the largest BMW forum board in the cyberwebs. Last weekend he hosted the largest BMW gathering in the world...seriously, the biggest in the whole fucking world, here in Santa Barbara. Take that you crazy Germans. It took up an entire polo field south of town. There was a shit ton of German cars zipping up and down the streets. Good weekend to be a cop, I guess. Anyway, my other buddy, Mike collects cars. His prize car since about 2001 is a 1959 pearl white BMW 507. He drove that sucker down to Bimmerfest and met up with Jon. It's the Holy Fucking Grail for many car lovers since there was only 252 of them made. It was basically a street legal racecar with class. It's a gorgeous rig that used to be parked in my garage when I was Mike's caretaker. On the other side of wall from my sloth pit was roughly $1.7 million in cool, mostly Euro cars that I occassionally drove to keep them charged. No American Muscle here, move along. In that garage was a 1959 Mercedes 300 SL($600,000), a 1958 performance Porsche ($200,000), 1997 Targa ($35,000), 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe Woodie Wagon($57,000), and the 507 ($900,000+). I'm glad I didn't know the value at the time or I might have been a little more nervous. I drive a 1987 Toyota 4wd SuperVan ($3400).

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  1. yea but how many surf trip's do you want to take in a BMW 507?
    Beautiful car though.