Sunday, May 17, 2009

not another list

Today's list is Love/Hate of Bikram Yoga in no particular order

1. The sweat
2. The spacey shit that some people call "meditation"
3. Streching out the hammy's
4. The good pain
5. Breakthroughs
6. Getting yelled at by skater rats in parking lot who fucked with the Super Van
7. Dizziness and nearly passing out
8. The greediness of Bikram Himself
9. The way most instructors are a little too full of themselves
10. The new teacher in SB is super cool and sings a mellow tune at the end
11. Splashing some of my sweat essence on neighbors cuz I sweat ALOT
12. Dehydration

1. Focusing on my own practice and not checking out the chicks


  1. HATE: the asian dude in the back corner that ALWAYS has wicked gas, and isn't shY about letting it all go...

  2. Dude, t-bone starts surfing. You start.
    T-bone moves to California. You move.
    T-bone does Yoga. You do.
    T-bone comes out of the closet. You will.