Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Souper Wedensday

Motherfucking Ramen technology is unbelievable these days. When I was a little rat, all we had was Cup O Shit. You know. The ones in the styrofoam cups that taste like ass. Then along came Top Ramen. That crap was so good. For a couple years, I lived off it and Southern Comfort. My favorite technique was to stir in an egg while it was boiling away. Then I'd pour it over some frozen peas to cool it off fast and add some veggies. Now a days, they've got this bucket of noodles called Souper Meal. It's a $1 and it's full of tasty chemicals and Asian goodness. It's made BY athletes FOR athletes. Along with a Large Coffee, it's what World Champs eat for breakfast. I can feel incredible strength already.


  1. Once Lonis finds out about this, tuna sales are down the tubes.

  2. Yea, but the styrofoam cups are 3 for a buck. Incredible. hahaha