Tuesday, May 19, 2009

World's Greatest Team Manager

What a lame Teahupoo contest, but at least I got some decent points. It's in the quarters as I type, but all my dudes are cashed. Still managed a respectable 717 points to keep me in the hunt and ahead of my nemisis, Dave Letinsky. There just wasn't the swell during the contest period. After an epic 2007, the string of lackluster waves continues. I think we all wanted to see the monsters that Teahupoo is known for. But the good thing is this will shake up the standings and make for an interesting season.

Kelly Slater 88
Andy Irons 104
Taylor Knox 113
CJ Hobgood 116
Fred Patacchia 87
Tiago Pires 11
Jordy Smith 100
Jay Thompson 98
Total: 717

After event #3 I'm 454 out of 15,598. So you're sayin there's a chance.

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