Sunday, May 31, 2009


The soul meter almost exploded today. I can't believe my good fortune. I just scored 3 new boards. Well, new to me. These things are old. I got a early 70's Dr Gooster single fin and funky ass Yater with a ultra flex fin like I've never seen. Did I just say Dr Gooster? What the hell is that. Sick logo on that one. They're all fucking epic in one way or another. Lots of weird rails and vees. My buddy cleared out his barn and had a few too many boards. I was getting a boner over a couple of them and he said "take em, they're yours". What? I said I'd clean them up and use them for a while, but they're still his. He also said another board he was given, so he said take it too. Turns out it's a 9'4" triple stringer Dewey Weber Performer. Fuckin A! Adios Robert August Surftech, you piece of shit. Bring on some waves. Take a look....


  1. tell me if you want me to show you how to ride your yater

  2. Nice Yachter. Rennie would piss out of his ass if he saw that thing, then deny ever making it in the first place... That is if he even spoke to you at all. However, it looks super fun.