Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey friend. I've been in some kind of a funk for a while and I can't figure out what's going on. I've been really calm and mellow, where I don't really need much to be happy. I've just been content and cruising right along. Also, and most alarming, is I've been swearing a lot less these days and my general rage is gone. Not really sure what's the deal. I like that rage. It keeps me frothing. It motivates me. It could have something to do with Adam Carolla not on the air anymore, so I don't notice my rage as much. Maybe it's because I've been getting in a shit ton of surfing, yoga, kung fu, and kickboxing. I dunno. Things are good and I'm at peace with everything right's great, El Nino should be bringing some good waves, cool shit is in the works for side projects, bought a new Subaru OutDildo, got a couple bucks in the bank for vacation, and all is well. Been on a couple dates but I ain't getting any lovin, so I should be rippin off tiger's heads. Today I realized that my HATE/RAGE LEVEL is at an all time low...and it's kinda scarey. Usually, when things are going great in my life, something takes a giant shit on me. Let me correct myself...something ALWAYS fucks up. My health, job, chick, whatever. Great! What's it gonna be this time? FUCK!

"3 seconds for the normal pers......"

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