Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Solstice weekend

My cuntputer took a shit on me, so there's been a stretch of boring posts from work. My camera won't work with the Zog Industries 1999 technology. So what I've been posting has also been a mis-mash of crap. Lots of random going on around here but nothing really exciting to anybody except myself. Whatever. Don't read it. There hasn't even been much rage or anger to report. I even spent all day yesterday (12 hours) battling LA traffic and didn't throw shit or yell at one dude. Amazing restraint. Just a bunch of really boring, day-to-day shit. About the only thing to talk about is surf. I've been surfing lots over the last week, and I'm kind of surfed out. My buddy Duffy brought me to The Ranch last sunday. It was windy as hell, and pretty junky up on the north end, so we drove south down the beach to one of the weakest waves out there, Bullito. It was awesome. It was going off. We had as many gut/titty-high peelers as we wanted and it was all to ourselves...and Josh Farberow. He wasn't surfing but his chick was. Then on monday I surfed kick-ass head-high C-Street. Lots of ass clowns in the water, so I took everything that came my way. It was grinding on the inside, right above the bathroom. I shoulda pulled off many waves, but for some reason, I just kept going for it on every goddamm one. Not 1 graceful exit. There's been lots o surf all week long, but nothing epic. We'll see what the weekend brings. If I can get my ass off the couch, I'd like to check out the Santa Barbara Solstice parade. Freaks, hippys, and naked peeps.

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  1. Ass Clown = Tonto jumping off his boat at 30mph, 30 beers deep, telling 1 person.