Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today is quite a sad day for celebrity deaths. First it was the beautiful, sweet Farrah. Now it's crazy ol Michael Jackson. Apparently this afternoon, he lost his battle to stay above ground and is moonwalking his way up to St Peter any minute now. For those of who don't sit a desk all day, you can read everything we know so far at TMZ. He died in an LA hospital of a heart attack. We didn't see that one coming. The guy had some problems, but it woulda been awesome if he could've made his comback. He was scheduled for 50 sold out shows in London starting in a couple weeks. It was reported that he was gonna earn at least $250 million. I must've been in about 5th grade when that Thriller crap came out. Everybody bought it except for me because I was never a Michael Jackson fan. But it's a sad day anyway. One cool thing about Jacko is that when he was normal looking, he owned a pet monkey named Bubbles. He used to dress him up in overalls and carry the hairy little bastard around. I think that's pretty neat.

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  1. You know all the freakish MJ stuff aside, the guy was all time back in the day, Jackson 5, Mo town, then he went on his own and produced some amazing work, I still rock it and will continue to do so..... RIP MJ.