Wednesday, June 3, 2009

loggin in

That 9'4" Dewey Weber is AWESOME! There was a mini sesh last night at Rincon where I got to give it a first ride. I got a bunch of waist high waves, and there was actually a couple gut high waves. I was the only dork in the rivermouth. Really fun for June 2nd. It's a big ol log, man. I can barely get my arm around it.. and I've got long arms, ladies. It's wide and big as fuck. I never noseride, but I'm sure I'll start. With the combo of the giant hatchet fin and the massive aircraft carrier-like deck, I'll be cross-steppin the shit outta this thing. Blogs are stupid if they don't include pix. I don't have any pix of the sesh, cuz I was shreddin, so here's a picture of the incredi Megan Fox...

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